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What we value

The cold printing process has low power consumption and uses ink instead of toner. This produces neither toxic toner fine dust nor ozone.

The special Riso inks are vegan and made with rice bran, a by-product of rice production. No animals suffer from this and it is better for the environment.

We don't produce in bulk, but in small editions. This enables us to react well to demand and, if necessary, change motifs when reprinting. Individual printed matter is therefore not a problem. We are also happy to adapt our designs to your wishes.

We make our cards and art prints in Berlin, where we live and work. We are happy to cooperate with handicraft businesses in the area. Even though our paper goods are digitally printed, they are anything but machine-made. Every card we make is handcrafted!

All papers we use are FSC-certified according to the manufacturer. Our standard paper is a nice grippy uncoated paper, which has a very pleasant warm white hue. This paper is excellent for risography. It is vegan and made with 100% wind energy.

For the handpicked natural papers in our Eco Love collection, we have selected various types of paper based on ecological aspects, which are harmoniously coordinated with each other.

We would prefer to do without packaging altogether. But with fine paper goods this is not always possible. For cards in particular, we have found that our customers prefer cellophane bags here. They are packaged in a clearly visible way, dust-free and protected.

Alternatively, we also use vegan glassine bags made of pure cellulose. These are 100% recyclable, fully compostable and can easily be disposed of with the waste paper.

For our new stationery collection, we only use banderoles made from recycled paper, which is also risograph printed.

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