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Make it Last – How Vivienne Westwood Inspires Us to Be More Sustainable

Make it Last – wie uns Vivienne Westwood zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit inspiriert

»Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last« is a statement by Vivienne Westwood, British fashion designer and fashion icon. The powerful words sound like a mantra and have great meaning on many levels - not only with regard to the »fast fashion« industry. But in the fashion world alone, it is shocking what global problems this waste of resources brings with it. 


It was not until the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in 2013, which cost the lives of 1,135 people – mostly textile workers – that many were stunned. The world's largest fashion activism movement of our time emerged: Fashion Revolution - with the mission to create a global fashion industry that protects and restores the environment and puts people before growth and profit.

With large-scale campaigns, such as "Who made my clothes?" , the public should be sensitized and informed about the systematic challenges. People should be inspired to consume less, appreciate quality and take better care of their clothes. Basically everything that Vivienne Westwood demanded.


Since then I have become much more aware of where my clothes come from and what material they are made of. Sustainability doesn't stop with fashion. I also question many other products of everyday life. How eco-friendly are they? Are they fair, vegan or regionally produced? 



What does it mean for Paper Goods? 

Greeting cards and advertising flyers can already be produced very cheaply today with gold foil, glitter or UV coating. That looks great at first glance, but it's not good for the environment. We can do better than that, we thought, and chose risography, a particularly environmentally friendly printing technique.

During production, we make sure that we protect our environment and select our suppliers according to ecological criteria. We recycle almost all of our materials by creating upcycled products like the UP Notepad or the blank notecard sets.


Sustainable Appreciation

It's just a good feeling to appreciate others or yourself. With fine stationery that is not only beautiful but also sustainable - and a few kind words - everything is already said. It doesn't need more. 

The best compliment for us is when our cards are framed like a small work of art and do not end up in the waste paper. "Make it Last" in the best sense of the word.

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