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UP Notepad

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It would be a shame to simply waste valuable resources. After the papers, which were placed between fresh Riso prints for protection, piled up, a solution had to be found. We developed the UP Notepad. This handmade notepad is our first upcycling product and gives our »slip paper« a second life.

The paper used has accompanied the entire process up to the finished folding card and can therefore have color stains or grooves in some places – or you can't see it at all! So please don't be disappointed if this process left little or no trace.

UP we go – if it's sustainable, then do it right! 

The cover box is made from recycled coffee-to-go cups and has an elegant embossing only. A special eye-catcher is the neon-orange fabric band on the head.

Format: 100 x 140 mm, 80 sheets

Printing: environmentally friendly blind embossing, without any ink or foil

Cover board: From cup to paper: recycled from coffee-to-go cups, 370g/m2, flint or shell

Paper: uncoated, 80g/m2, partly recycled paper, randomly sorted, reused (was previously placed between fresh Riso prints for protection)


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